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Features of Whatsapp Service
  • Delivery Time Limit - 9AM to 9PM
  • DND Number - Automatically Filtered
  • Sender ID - Virtual/Own
  • Campaign - No Limit for Campaign
  • Validity - 1Year
  • Perday WA Limit - 2000
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What is Whatsapp Service?

Bulk SMS Service Provider in Chennai

WhatsApp is a social messaging service for mobile bias that allows you to shoot textbook dispatches, images, audio and videotape clips to communicate with those people who are in your phone's contact list. Marketing with WhatsApp can be an effective way to connect with your implicit guests and promote your business. Original businesses can use WhatsApp as a communication tool to hook up druggies in real- time. Facebook allows you to connect with your implicit followership, and WhatsApp takes this connection to a coming position. WhatsApp provides colorful features, which can be used effectively for promoting small businesses. These features are enlisted and explained compactly as follows


WhatsApp isn't limited to transferring textbook dispatches for reaching your target followership; it can be used for promoting products and services through textbook, audio and videotape formats, so that you can transmit an applicable idea about your products and service to prospective guests. You can also target your followership in millions by using the WhatsApp broadcasting point.


WhatsApp enables marketers to run innovative juggernauts. You can ask your donors to partake their images while using your products and services or posing in front of your billboard or store. In return you could offer them colorful tickets through WhatsApp. This allows you to grow your database through applicable connections and increase your business reach.

Whatsapp Service for client support

Because of its wider reach, WhatsApp can also be a veritably helpful tool for client support. Your client may prefer reaching you over WhatsApp rather of calling your support figures or writing emails. You can break client problems or give product or service information and advice through this medium. Since a large number of people use WhatsApp regularly, it's easier for marketers to approach their prospective guests. WhatsApp is getting an affordable mass communication tool that can be used by small businesses creatively and innovatively. The below features enable small marketers to promote their business with great ease though WhatsApp. These features are advanced marketing tools for promoting any business.

Bulk SMS Provider in Chennai


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Frequently Asked Questions?

What is Bulk SMS Service? How do businesses use?
'bulk SMS service' or 'bulk messaging service' refers to businesses sending SMS to one or more recipients via software platforms such as PING4SMS. SMS Service can scale up to millions of recipients in the case of informational or promotional broadcasts.

Why should businesses use Bulk Message Service?
In today’s mobile world, SMS beats all the other channels hands down with 97% open rates (vs 10%-30% open rates for email and social media channels) and ten times the response rate.

What are the advantages of your Bulk Message service?
We provide methods to send SMS (messaging) one by one or in bulk. Low Per Message Cost, Zero up front cost and Fast Delivery are some of the key advantages of our Service.

How long does message delivery take?
The average delivery time through our SMS Gateways is around 5 seconds

How long does it take before credits bought are added to my account?
Bought credits will get added to your account within 5Mins if you made the payment through Bank Transfer or Gpay/PhonePe or credit/Debit card. The credits for which the payment is done through Cheque / Demand Draft will get added to your account once we have received payment in our Bank accounts.

Advantages of Online SMS Service?

As noted before it's veritably easy to reach our guests at anywhere who haves a mobile number and some network. we can shoot thousands of SMS with a single click and they reaches with in a time of many twinkles. And we've number of bulk SMS providers in India. But We are the No 1 bulk sms service provider to reach your dispatches in bit of seconds to guests.

Can perform bulk messaging by using PC or mobile, colorful bulk messaging software and operations are available in web for particular computers ( PCs) and for mobile bias. For using Bulk Messaging service, please create an account with us, We are the best Bulk SMS Service Provider. Online SMS service and Bulk Messaging services are helping a lot to businesses in the veritably competitive ultramodern global business period.

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